Ka Bel: Mga Liham

Ka Bel: Mga Liham

Publisher: Crispin B. Beltran Resource Center
Editor: Kenneth Roland A. Guda
Book dimensions: 7 x 7 in
Year: 2010


About the book

Selected letters of labor leader Crispin Beltran. This compilation reveals Beltran's humble lifestyle and unwavering political struggle through his personal correspondences with family, fellow activists, and public officials.

Design notes

The cover is dominated by a portrait of Beltran, rendered in clouds of his own handwriting and snippets of union letterheads he used in the past. To clear the space and make room to focus on the portrait, the title and publisher logo are placed discreetly on the margin. On the spine, Ka Bel's name looms large, the play on scale reflecting what an enormous figure he was in the movement he was part of.

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