Transforming Nikkeijin

Transforming Nikkeijin Identity and Citizenship: Untold Life Histories of Japanese Migrants and Their Descendants in the Philippines, 1903-2013

Publisher: Ateneo de Manila University Press
Author: Shun Ohno
Book dimensions: 6 x 9 in
Year: 2015


About the book

A book on Japanese migrants in the Philippines and their descendants. It tackles the complex stories of the Japanese-Filipino community, and the impact of war and hybrid nationality on their lives.

Design notes

The cover is a bold halftone image of a Japanese-Filipino child. The size of the halftone screen makes the portrait abstract on normal reading scale, but clearly discernible when seen from a distance. Distance creates a sensory transformation of the cover in the reader's perception, in the same way that the author creates a clearer picture of the Japanese-Filipino experience. The overlaid panels of text recall the elegant text panels on traditional Japanese prints.

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