Palaspas: An Appreciation of Palm leaf Art in the Philippines

Publisher: Ateneo de Manila University Press
Author: Elmer I. Nocheseda
Book dimensions: 7.45 x 9 in
Year: 2009

Winner, Best Design, Philippine National Book Awards 2010
Winner, Black Trophy, Bound Pieces Category, Philippine Graphic Design Awards 2010
Winner, Best Book in Arts and Culture, Gintong Aklat Awards 2010

About the book

A book tracing the importance of palm leaf art, an ephemeral yet enduring tradition in various Philippine cultures. The book also includes step-by-step instructions for around 80 palm leaf objects, from toys and festive trimmings to baskets and rice pouches.

Design notes

The graphic weave element refers to the weaving process integral to the book. Used throughout the book in bright gradations of green and yellow―typical palm leaf colors― the weave element unifies the different parts of the book, and gives the traditional craft a younger, more contemporary appeal.

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