That Thing Called Tadhana

That Thing Called Tadhana

Director: Antoinette Jadaone
Client: Cinema One Originals
Poster dimensions: 27 x 39 in
Year: 2014


About the film

The highest grossing Filipino independent film of all time, the film is the story of two strangers who meet at the airport baggage counter on their return flight to Manila. Upon their arrival, the two continue on to a journey through heartache, despair, and hope.

Design notes

There were limited stills to choose from, and I selected with this image which focuses on kilig, the thrill of the first spark. Behavioral observations show that when a person is interested in another, he or she subconsciously mirrors the body language of the other. Other aspects of the film are relegated to suggestion via text and typography—the journey, the simple and unpretentious production value, the youthful vernacular language. The poster went viral and was key to promoting the film; social media users picked up on the distinctive pose, reproducible layout and memorable text hierarchy to create their own versions of the poster.

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