The Light of Liberty

The Light of Liberty: Documents and Studies on the Katipunan, 1892-1897

Publisher: Ateneo de Manila University Press
Author: Jim Richardson
Book dimensions: 6 x 9 in
Year: 2013


About the book

A landmark collection of Katipunan documents, some previously unpublished, most with translations and annotations. This compilation is a valuable contribution to a deeper understanding of the underground revolutionary resistance, which helped birth the Philippine nation and continues to inspire those who continue to struggle for genuine liberty.

Design notes

The cover is inspired by the letterhead of the Katipunan. The triangular form is a reference to some iterations of the Katipunan flag with triangular design configurations, as well as their triangular recruitment structure. The sparse cover with the field of red is a reference to the flag as well. The cover's body text is italicized to mimic the slanted script of the documents. The thick spine breaks the monotony, featuring a flurry of seals, signatures, and document facsimiles, a secret hub of activity just hidden almost out of sight.

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