Premium Wines and Beverages

Premium Wines and Beverages: A Gentleman's Guide to Drinking and Collecting

Publication: Vault Magazine
Publisher: ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.
Dimensions: 7.5 x 10.5 in
Year: 2013


About the project

A primer on wines, liquors and spirits, beers, cocktails, tea and coffee. A special issue of Vault magazine.

Design notes

The whole issue was dedicated to various kinds of premium drinks, and there was such a wide variety of items to be photographed. I decided on an art deco motif because of its striking visual effect, subtle affinity to glamor, and historical connection to the fetishism for drink under the Prohibition era. The color palette was a bold trio of red, blue and yellow; color was used to delineate stories and sections, and anchor the mostly drab colors of the drinks. Shot by three photographers over a few weeks in various stores and other locations, I had to strategize a setup that was scalable and portable while maintaining consistency and integrity; I used wooden blocks to incorporate graphic shapes in the compositions. In addition to Vault's existing type template, I used an elegant art deco font as an accent, its graphic lines and gentle angularity complementing the shapes in the photographs.

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Photographers: Ian Castañares, Jar Concengco, Pat Mateo
Illustrator: Ivan Reverente
Cover photograph: Pat Mateo